We undertake a wide range of consultancy assignments to assist our clients, and the construction industry in general, to improve and enhance their business performance.
Venables Consultancy - business development, research, technical development, training services.

Management, Marketing and Business Development Consultancy

We offer consultancy in these areas to all parties in the construction industry, including:

  • Organisation and management system development
  • Marketing strategy, planning & implementation
  • Organising seminars and workshops
  • Facilitating and chairing meetings, seminars and workshops
  • Technology-led business development
  • Advice on the business impact of introducing new technology.


For details of our professional development training consultancy, please see our training services page.

Research & Development

In the field of research & development our services include:

  • Development and management of construction-related research projects and technical studies
  • Undertaking such studies and projects
  • Publication and promotion of results
  • Advice on R&D policy, its implementation and the business advantages it can deliver
  • Editing technical reports, newsletters and other publications.

  • Please see our Project Examples page to find out about some of our projects in more detail.

Flood Risk Management

We offer practical and cost-effective consultancy and expert advice in:

  • Flood risk assessment and management
  • Flood alleviation and flood event dispute resolution.

Environment & Sustainability Consultancy

Through our sister company Crane Environmental we undertake a wide range of environment and sustainablity consultancy assignments aimed at reducing the adverse environmental impact of construction projects and improving our clients' environmental and sustainability performance.

We also undertake research & development on environmental and sustainability issues affecting the construction industry.

Please use the link above to find out more about these services.